17th Annual Strings Festival – Cancelled due to Covid-19

It is with infinite regret and sadness that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 Southampton Strings Festival this coming summer. 

The Southampton Strings Festival has created a truly beautiful gathering place for performing artists, students, and music-lovers from different places and backgrounds. This, unfortunately, puts us in a very tricky position under the present circumstances. 

We have a wonderful community and sense of family among our artists, students, audiences, and friends, and it is now our job to protect this special community; its health and well-being are our primary concern. 

This decision breaks our heart, but one thing is certain – health comes first! There is no question that we, our entire society, must pull together and protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our world community. These are difficult times for all of us, but we are sure that the power of music will help get us through! 

We would like to extend our most heartfelt thank you, love, and appreciation to all of those people working on the frontlines. We salute you and send you strength!

We look forward to seeing everyone during our 2021 festival season! Until then, take good care of yourselves, stay healthy and strong! 

Southampton Cultural CenterFlorian Leonhard